Action Trivia quizzes vary from bar to bar. However, here is a small picture of what you can expect at one of our trivia nights:

Put yourself in your favorite bar, with a handful of close friends. Drinks are ordered and conversation flies through the  room. Other groups of friends are starting to shuffle in and take their seats. As the bar fills up the Action Trivia host begins to meander through the tables greeting regulars, passing out answer sheets, and recruiting those uninitiated to trivia nights to play. Rules are explained, and the game gets underway.

Generally, quizzes are between five and seven rounds and can range from basic general knowledge to interactive rounds that feature pictures or video. Rounds get progressively harder as your host reads off questions that you and your friends work on to score more points than the other teams. Your host keeps things moving along while keeping the mood playful.

At the end of each round the host reads off the answers and scores and after each answer read, there are woos and bellows from the crowd. Some because they guessed the right answers, others at the answer that was right on the tip of their tongue but couldn’t commit to paper. You hear a few teams give a loud cheer after their score is announced, another team cracks a joke at a team with a better score. Although the game is playful the air crackles with competitive energy and as the game progresses, more and more conversation passes between teams.

After some choice tunes are played and the last round has finished, players await the final results. Scores are read and the champions of the night emerge. They are lauded for their hard work and given a great prize. As the night closes out, you turn to the other table and converse over the game while your buddy orders another round of drinks. “Did you get the one about the Rocky Mountains?” you ask the other team. “No, we put California.” one of their teammates utters with regret “I think we need a new geography person.” he then says. Everyone laughs and as you leave the bar you exchange goodbyes, agreeing to see each other next week and do it all over again.