Business Inquiries

Live team trivia is designed to increase the number of patrons at an establishment on a specific night of the week. Through trivia, music, and the excitement of some good friendly competition, we turn new and infrequent customers into regulars at your location on the designated night. It’s the ideal instrument for converting a slow night of the week into one of your most profitable.

The quiz host uses a portable P.A. sound system. All we require is a table in the corner and an outlet. We will pass out the quiz supplies (answer sheets, handouts, pencils) and explain the rules. Then the quiz will begin, the host will ask a round of question. After all the questions have been given the teams will have about 5 – 7 minutes to discuss their answers. When they are finished they will turn in their answer sheet to the quizmaster. The answer sheets are then graded and the team scores are tallied. After all the scores are recorded the quizmaster will re-read the questions and give the correct answers. It is at this point that part of the crowd will erupt with cheers and some will grumble with the all to familiar “I should have known that”. Following the reading of the answers the current team standings will be given, again the room is filled with cheers as the top teams let the other players know who they are.

The game comprises of six rounds of 8 – 10 questions. The questions are in categories such as geography, science, entertainment, history, movies, music, sports, etc. Time permitting a riddle round will be thrown in. The teams with the most points at the end of the quiz win the prizes. Towards the end of the quiz the competition level can be fierce as teams vie for the final points to give them the winning score. After a quiz has been established with regular teams friendly rivalries grow and can be quite entertaining as teams try their hardest to out-do their rivals.

The business establishment is responsible for providing the prizes. From time to time Action Trivia will have extra prizes provided by sponsors. We recommend $20-30 for 1st, $15-20 for 2nd, and t-shirts or $10 for 3rd. The prizes should be in the form of gift certificates for the location. The gift certificates should not be redeemable the night of the quiz, to ensure the players return another night, after all that is the goal of a quiz night, to keep them coming back.

It is important to promote the start date of a quiz with flyers/table tents a few weeks in advance. Action Trivia splits the responsibility of promoting a quiz night with the location. We will promote on the web using our website as well as social networking sites like Facebook, My Space, Meet, and Twitter. Action Trivia will provide full color double sided postcards custom designed with the locations logo and quiz day and time. We will also hit the pavement and flyer up the local area in the weeks preceding the start date. The crowd is developed gradually, however, once it reaches a certain level it begins to promote itself as quiz goer’s wrangle in their friends to join in on the fun. You should see business at least double within eight weeks, the introductory period.