Action Trivia host Danielle’s dispatch from The R Bar

Action Trivia Question of the Day

Last night at the R Bar in K Town, some of the teams had a really hard time with a little bit of movie music trivia. It was question number one in general trivia and the most-missed question of the night. Think you know the answer?

“In the 1993 movie ‘Airheads’, what is the name of the fictional band that attempts to take over LA radio station KPPX?”

We got a bunch of other fictional bands in the mix like Wyld Stallyns from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Sonic Death Monkey from “High Fidelity”, and even Jessie and the Rippers from “Full House” which is both a TV show and set in San Francisco, so fail there. Seems like our trivia patrons knew a lot about made-up bands, but shockingly little about one of the best hair rock/underachiever/”Die Hard” at a radio station movies ever. For those of you that think you have the answer, we were looking for…

The Lone Rangers

Yes, the bumbling band of Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, and Adam Sandler chose an (oxy)moronic band name but went on to superstardom. Bonus points if you know the name of the single they were trying to get on the air. Ready?


That’s your trivia for the day. Now go back to work (on second thought, don’t do that. Read about Megan Fox’s new boyfriend instead. Definitely more entertaining than work…)